GEOS GLOBAL - Previously SouthEastDomes

My website was hacked so I'm starting over - I hope to totally restore the site as time progresses.

GEOS is expanding it's horizons including branches of:

Clean Energy Water cracking generators

All Grain Survival granola meal bars for people worldwide

Geo's Restaurants - A mass produced fast food company.

Frozen food bars in American, Italian and Mexican varities.

Earth Modules - High tech structures for surviving extreme environments on Earth and other space applications.

"Building Geodesic Domes" Book from South East Domes $14.95 PDF File sent to you by E-Mail

Build any size 3 frequency dome kit yourself

"Building A-Frame Homes" Book from South East Domes $14.95 PDF File Includes CAD plans for an 18 x 24 a-frame kit 24 hour send time